Bronte sisters

Bronte Sisters

The three Brontë sisters Credit: Rex Features

Was reading some classic literature recently and the story of the Bronte sisters struck me as one of the most compelling ever. You may recall reading some of their classics during your education.

The strength of these women, their challenges, victories, and tragedies were so impactful. To overcome all the hurdles they faced, and rise to the level of some of the most revered literary works in the history of English novels, or for that matter novels anywhere, was amazing.

So soon after publishing such great works as Wuthering Heights (Emily), Jane Eyre (Charlotte), The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (Anne), to pass away from the plague of the time (tuberculosis), was very tragic.

Though they each were so incredibly gifted; women had little standing in the 19th century. Publishing as women was near impossible, and thus the reason they wrote under male pseudonyms. All members of the family except papa died from the awful disease but they persevered under such daunting circumstances.

I don’t have a single bone in my body with a cell of the talent that they had, but I don’t have the overwhelming challenges they had either. I will push along this arduous journey and hopefully one day accomplish many of the goals I aim for, but until then I will use the Bronte sisters as inspiration.

How about you? What inspires you?



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